SportsEngine Registration: Colorado Junior Crew

2019 Winter Session


Colorado Junior Crew

Winter Session


January 8 - March 19, 2019

RallySport Health and Fitness Club
2727 29th St, Boulder

Colorado Junior Crew is the premier rowing club in Colorado for athletes in grades 8-12. We are a "no cut" program, welcoming rowers of all skill levels. We look forward to the opportunity to share this life-long sport with Colorado teens.

During our Winter Session, CJC moves indoors and partners with Boulder's RallySport Health and Fitness Club for land training and conditioning.

Are you new to
Colorado Junior Crew
and/or would like to
work out with us this winter

Winter Session training includes fitness work and conditioning on “ergs” (stationary rowing machines, short for “ergometers”) to increase strength and endurance, supplemented with interval training, jogging/running, workouts using RallySport equipment and stretching exercises to improve the athletes’ flexibility and balance. You don't have to be interested in rowing to sign up for this training program!
New CJC members with no previous rowing experience who join us for the first time in the 2019 Winter Session and who would like to continue with the team and row in the upcoming 2019 Spring Session must commit to attend at least three of four Winter Session practices per week and are required to attend the team's out-of-town Spring Break Training camp (March 23 - 27) in Long Beach, CA in it's entirety. Participants are responsible for all costs including travel. Additional details regarding the camp are included later in the registration process.
The purpose of these requirements is to insure that all rowers who will participate with the team during our brief and busy Spring Session can "hit the water rowing" immediately, allowing the entire team to reach its full potential in preparation for Regional competitions. Participation in the Spring Program is not guaranteed for athletes who join CJC in the Winter, even IF the criteria listed above is followed. Ultimately, the decision is the Coaches'.

Fee and additional program details follow on the "Information" page of the registration form.

Questions about this registration? Contact Us!

Questions about this registration? Contact Us!